Avengers: Infinity War Passes $1.9 Billion At Global Box Office


Even before Avengers: Infinity War‘s arrival late last month, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Marvel epic would crush box office records all over the globe.

And sure enough, after a month of absolute dominanceInfinity War‘s total has reached a whopping $1.9 billion worldwide, placing it ahead of Jurassic World ($1.672 billion) and now within striking distance of the almighty $2 billion. That’s thanks to the film earning an additional $16.4 million on home turf and $32.5 million overseas this weekend.

While unadjusted for inflation, Infinity War‘s $1.9 billion figure means that the recent blockbuster is now officially the biggest ever summer movie, as the only three films to gross higher than $2 billion (see: AvatarTitanic and Star Wars: The Force Awakens) released during the festive period, which means they got a boost from the break in school term.

And though it is closing in on $2 billion, some analysts are still predicting that it’ll fall just short of the milestone. Clearly, the event movie is running out of steam and though Solo isn’t giving it much competition like many expected it would, Deadpool 2 continues to perform quite well, earning another $42.7 million domestically this weekend. Couple that with the fact that both Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be with us next month, and it looks like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ time in the sun is almost at its end.

Still, take nothing away from Avengers: Infinity War, as it’s had a wildly impressive theatrical run so far and it’ll still be in theaters for a while longer. There’s also the fact that its home video release is now on the horizon. August 14th is the date that’s being rumored at the moment – with Digital on July 31st – and already, various retailers are starting to reveal their exclusives.

Circling back to those box office numbers, though, and as Avengers: Infinity War continues to inch closer towards $2 billion, we’ll be sure to keep you posted every step of the way.