Avengers: Infinity War Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed By Retailers


The exact budget of Avengers: Infinity War has been the subject of much debate lately, with some estimates putting it between $300-$400 million, while other folks think it might have even hit $500 million.

The pic and its currently untitled sequel also shot back-to-back, which is a remarkable feat in and of itself when you consider the sheer size of Infinity War‘s character roster. Nevertheless, Joe Russo still believes that Avengers 3 was harder due to the fact that its post-production overlapped with the filming process on Avengers 4.

But circling back to that budget, and while the studio’s already made it all back – and then some – they’re not done counting their cheques just yet. Infinity War is still playing in theaters and performing quite well, might we add. But beyond that, there’s also the film’s Blu-ray release, which is now on the horizon and will no doubt line the pockets of Kevin Feige and co. even more.

Earlier today, we learned that the event movie to end all event movies would be hitting Digital on July 31st and as expected, its physical release will follow two weeks later, on August 14th. We should note that this info comes to us from retailers such as Best Buy and Target, rather than Marvel themselves. As such, it could be wrong, but a two week window is pretty normal for the gap between Digital and physical, so we’re inclined to believe it.

When it comes to what special features will be included on the disc, those will be announced when the studio makes the whole thing official by putting out a press release. That being said, we imagine the extras will be plentiful and that there will be more than enough to tide fans over as the long wait for Avengers 4 continues.

Source: Screen Rant