Avengers: Infinity War Set Photos Promise Doctor Strange And Spider-Man Team-Up


Production on Avengers: Infinity War might be over now, but new set photos from the shoot are still working their way online. The latest ones, which we have for you below, tease a team-up between two of the newer heroes to join the MCU. Well, kind of.

The following two images, snapped by Twitter user @SaraSchon, hint at a meeting between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange on the streets of New York City, specifically near Sheridan Square. Obviously, these pics don’t feature Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland, but rather a life-size mannequin of Spidey and a model of Strange’s Cloak of Levitation.

If you’re wondering why these, shall we say, Life Model Decoys are being used, we’ve seen similar models pop up in set photos throughout the movie’s shoot. From what we understand, they’re used as visual reference points for the special effects people to use in post-production.

As for the team-up between Strange and Spidey itself, it obviously doesn’t come as a surprise. We’ve had several hints over the past few months that these particular heroes would cross paths in Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, co-director Joe Russo has promised “great chemistry” between the two when they meet in the movie and fans have also spotted Cumberbatch and Holland together on set in the past. It’s interesting to consider what made the Russos decide on this team-up, but maybe it’s because these two actors are the only Brits on the Avengers team?

Unfortunately, there’s not too much else we can deduce from the fact that this duo will be patrolling the streets of New York alone. Maybe, though, Peter Parker and Stephen Strange will be tasked with holding down the fort on Earth while the rest of the team go into space? That could be it, but it would definitely be an odd decision to keep them out of the action, don’t you think?

Regardless, with production on Avengers: Infinity War now over, we can expect to start seeing some official promo material and learning a bit more about it quite soon ahead of its debut in cinemas on May 4th, 2018.