Avengers: Infinity War Promo Art Features Black Order Lieutenant Proxima Midnight


Though Black Panther is currently the talk of the town what with its advanced ticket sales and sky-high box office projections, Marvel Studios has another two movies pegged for release in 2018.

The first needs no introduction, of course, as it stands as the culmination of the MCU – so far, at least – and its rich, unprecedented legacy, while the other will pay a visit to Ant-Man and the Wasp before the year’s end.

On the topic of Avengers: Infinity War, though, we’re now beginning to see the fruits of Marvel’s merchandise push, as LEGO sets and MCU-themed collectibles continue to find their way online. The latest looks to have been pulled from a series of action figures, with each purple-tinged box featuring the artwork of its respective character. We have three for you today: Captain America/Nomad, Peter Parker/Iron Spider and the cosmic supervillain known as Proxima Midnight.

She’s one of Thanos’ leading lieutenants and a member of the so-called Black Order. In the original comics, they’re described as an intergalactic task force who just so happen to be the Mad Titan’s adopted children – a title Proxima shares with Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive (AKA Black Dwarf) and the unruly Cull Obsidian.

So far, we’ve only caught a glimpse of Proxima Midnight launching some form of alien spear at the bearded Steve Rogers, while Infinity War‘s trailer campaign has also teased the moment when Paul Bettany’s Vision has a nasty (and potentially fatal?) encounter with a member of the Black Order. That said, the intellectual demi-god has been confirmed for Avengers 4, so we imagine he’ll live to fight another day.

“It’s all been leading to this…” Avengers: Infinity War tumbles off the Marvel production line on May 4th.

Source: Reddit