Avengers: Infinity War Promo Art Shows Off Iron Man’s New Weapon


Tony Stark has come a very long way since his time cobbling together pieces of scrap metal in the caves of Afghanistan.

In the decade since Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, fans have seen the Iron Legion, War Machine and the Mark XLIV Armor – better known to you, I, and Bruce Banner as the famous Hulkbuster – but with Avengers: Infinity War fast approaching its May 4th release date, Marvel Studios is about to bring us a Tony Stark at the very peak of his abilities.

As you surely know, many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are in for an upgrade come May and Iron Man is no different. Granted, his new suit isn’t a huge departure from what we’ve had in previous movies, but the gradual evolution of Stark’s tech has been seen across every one of his appearances thus far and it’s clear that Infinity War is going to be no exception.

What’s perhaps most interesting though, is that aside from some neat propulsion engines, the suit will be giving Tony a brand new weapon to play around with. Take a look at it in the gallery below (which also includes some recent merchandise and promo art):

Yes, it appears that Tony’s outfitted himself with an arm canon of some sort. We’ve caught glimpses of it before, of course, but this artwork gives us a pretty good look at it, with the photo indicating that the inside of the weapon has some kind of energy build-up going on. If nothing else, we can take this to mean that Stark is all ready for his upcoming battle with the Mad Titan, and will be bringing everything he has with him – which is good, because he’ll certainly need it all.

For those unfamiliar with this particular version of Iron Man’s armor, the suit is considered to be one of his crowning achievements in the comics. Floored by Riri Williams’ homemade effort, Stark sets about creating a shape-shifting armor that bends and molds to his every need – hence the wing-like thrusters affixed to the suit’s rear.

Assuming Avengers: Infinity War stays true to the comics, and this promo art is a solid indication of what’s on the way, then Robert Downey Jr.’s fan favorite will be wielding some seriously impressive tech and with any luck, it might just be enough to stop the deadly threat that is Thanos.