Marvel’s Finest Assemble On This Stellar Promo Poster For Avengers: Infinity War


The deluge of Avengers: Infinity War content continues unabated.

Amid fresh looks at Proxima Midnight and Thor’s mighty new weapon – one forged by the Dwarven smiths of Nidavellir – we now have yet another Infinity War poster to join the collection. And it’s a doozy.

Featuring most, if not all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (sorry, Hulk), this particular one-sheet was unearthed via Twitter (h/t CBM) and can be traced back to Rakuten, a Japanese retail giant that has a section devoted to all things nerdom. The poster itself (seen in the gallery below, along with a few fan-made efforts) is actually pretty similar to the Avengers-themed duvet set that’s doing the rounds online. Yes, it seems Marvel mania has swept the nation – nay, the world – as the countdown to Infinity War continues.

Front and center is a bearded Steve Rogers, who looks set to adopt the mantra of Nomad come May, which is to say that the man once known as Captain America will be operating as a lone wolf. And can you really blame him?

Elsewhere, the God of Thunder is sporting the same haircut seen in Ragnarok, while there has also been chatter that Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god will be wielding the aforementioned Jarnbjorn (or should that be Stormbreaker?) when the lights go down.

Either way, Thor isn’t the only Avenger poised for an upgrade. In the aftermath of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we know that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be suiting up as the Iron Spider, while we fully expect Tony Stark to be bringing along some new enhancements of his own. Oh, and did we mention Cap will have an upgraded shield, as well?

The Sanctuary II (AKA Thanos’ gargantuan warship) is armed and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are manning the defenses – all that’s left now is for Avengers: Infinity War to make its debut. May 4th can’t come quick enough.

Source: Rakuten