Avengers: Infinity War Said To Be The Most Expensive Movie Ever Made


Ever since they went on sale last month – March 16th, to be specific – Avengers: Infinity War has completely obliterated AMC ticket records. And we do mean obliterate.

Everyone knew that this movie was going to be big, there was never any doubt about that. It is, after all, the culmination of 10 years of one of the most beloved franchises to ever grace the silver screen. But last week we learned that the event movie to end all event movies is actually selling more tickets than the last seven Marvel films combined. Yes, if ever there was proof that this pic is in a league of its own when it comes to pre-release buzz and excitement, this is it.

As such, box office projections have now been adjusted and analysts believe Infinity War could open to a whopping $235 million (up from the original $200 million), with the potential to hit $255 million should reviews and word of mouth turn out to be strong – which they no doubt will be.

That’s just as well, too, as we’re hearing today that Joe and Anthony Russo’s event movie might be the most expensive film ever made. Though unconfirmed – and as such, you should take this with a grain of salt – MovieWeb believes that Infinity War‘s budget was just under $400 million.

Again, Marvel hasn’t commented on that and probably won’t, but if true, it would easily be the most costly movie ever, surpassing even what’s come from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This wouldn’t surprise us, either. I mean, just the cost for the salaries of all the cast members alone must be staggering, not to mention all the CGI, effects and everything else that’s gone into making this one of the biggest motion pictures of all-time.

And we’ll finally get to see if all that money was worth it on April 27th, when Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters.

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