Star-Lord’s Involvement In Avengers: Infinity War Compared To A Cameo Role


Let it be known that Infinity War is very much an Avengers movie. It’s in the title, for crying out loud!

On a more serious note, and while promoting the MCU crossover with Toronto Sun, Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, leveled on his own involvement and how the Guardians of the Galaxy “bring some flavor” to the Marvel event movie.

Because after recusing the people of Xander from total annihilation and battling a sentient planet, James Gunn’s spacefaring A-holes have grown into a tight-knit unit since they were first introduced in 2014, and it’s this at-times effortless chemistry and sense of togetherness that will help bring some levity to the otherwise apocalyptic Avengers: Infinity War. Even if their screen time is limited.

Said Pratt:

I’m a cameo in this movie. I get to be a dash of flavor and we get to bring some of the Guardians’ flavor to this movie. When you’re a guest star…you get to be a little more vibrant; a little more irreverent; a little bit more colorful if you want it to be.

His Guardians co-star Pom Lementieff (Mantis), who also returns for Avengers: Infinity War, echoed that sentiment in a separate interview. And yes, things are about to get weird.

I think [the Guardians] bring some weirdness to the group.

Elsewhere, Chris Pratt addressed the oncoming threat of Thanos, who is unique in the sense that his own MCU arc has affected each and every character of Avengers: Infinity War.

You couldn’t just have any old standard villain. You have to have the one villain who had access to every story and touched every [hero’s] storyline.

Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

And it all kicks off on April 27th. That’s only six weeks away as of this writing, so it’s small wonder why Marvel Studios plans to drop the second (and presumably final) trailer for Avengers: Infinity War later today alongside ticket sales. Keep it locked on We Got This Covered for more.