Avengers: Infinity War Star Sebastian Stan Has Pictures Of Tom Hiddleston All Over His Trailer


Though Loki and Bucky Barnes have never once crossed paths in the MCU, Tom Hiddleston has clearly been on the mind of his co-star Sebastian Stan lately, with the Winter Soldier actor recently revealing that he has a veritable shrine to his fellow Avengers: Infinity War casualty in his trailer.

As the year changed to 2019, Stan was among the many celebrities to take to Instagram to share some loving thoughts with his followers, accompanying his newly uploaded selfie with a few words of advice:

“Happy New Year.

Don’t forget to be grateful and thankful for what is there in your life. Too much time is wasted on what we don’t have. Be good to yourself. Be kind. There’s always a smaller inner you that needs some love once in a while. Fear is ok. It needs a friend once in a while too. Be kind to others, your family…They won’t be around forever. And neither will you. Honor your truth. And those around you who support it. Honor your dreams. Protect them. Remember: every moment that happens exists only once, so what are you making it out to be?

See you in 2019! Sending lots of love.”

It’s a sweet message that a lot of Stan’s fans probably missed completely because they were too distracted by the many photos of Tom Hiddleston that can be seen in his trailer. And while these oft-shirtless pics were likely intended as a joke between the pair, the fan fiction basically writes itself.

Though Loki and Bucky were both killed in the events of Infinity War, each are reported to return in their own Disney Plus shows, with the latter starring opposite Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson. As it stands, we’ve yet to receive confirmation of where either of these shows will fit into the Marvel timeline, though seeing how Bucky has spent most of his MCU run so far either working for Hydra, hiding from authorities or living in Wakanda, it feels safe to say that his series won’t be a prequel.

But while it’s generally assumed these days that Avengers: Endgame will find some of way of reversing the effects of the Decimation, Loki’s future remains uncertain, with Avengers: Infinity War co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo offering their assurances last November that the mischief-maker’s demise wasn’t just another act of fakery.

Nonetheless, based on the various leaks that have emerged online in the past year, it’s looking very likely that we’ll be seeing both Loki and Bucky again when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.

Source: Instagram