New Avengers: Infinity War Featurette Charts Thor’s Cosmic Journey


As the celebrations continue, Marvel Studios has now rolled out an insightful new featurette designed to chronicle Thor’s cosmic journey – from his regal origins in Asgard to fighting alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in The Avengers.

Yes, the build-up to Infinity War continues apace, and we’re inclined to believe that the above promo, one which stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/Tony Stark) and the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, is actually the beginning of a new video series that will, through time, chronicle the evolution of each MCU hero between now and May 4th.

Of course, not all Marvel heroes boast the rich history of Thor, who has headlined no less than three standalone movies since his introduction back in 2011. Indeed, thanks to Taika Waititi and his team, Marvel’s Norse god received a new lease of life (and $820 million at the box office) through Ragnarok, so it’s small wonder why fans are quietly rooting for Waititi to circle back to the MCU and helm a fourth Thor movie. We can only hope.

That being said, the Kiwi director has also expressed his desire to direct an adult-oriented movie starring ScarJo’s Black Widow, which, on paper, sounds like a tantalizing pitch – even if the Powers That Be decide against it in the name of palatable, family-friendly blockbusters.

Getting back to the God of Thunder though, and after raking in close to $820 million worldwide, Thor: Ragnarok has undoubtedly cemented its place in the Marvel pantheon. It sets the stage quite nicely for Infinity War, too, given one of Ragnarok‘s post-credits scenes showed the almighty Sanctuary II (AKA Thanos’ gargantuan warship) looming into view. May 4th is the date for your diaries.