Marvel Fans Troll Infinity War’s Tom Holland In The Best Possible Way


Say what you will about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Tom Holland is a real natural as Peter Parker.

Hell, comic book legend Stan Lee recently went on record to say that Holland, with his boundless enthusiasm and athletic ability, is exactly how he envisioned Spider-Man, which is perhaps the highest compliment one can receive from the man responsible for Marvel’s Web-Head and all his many adventures.

If you happen to follow Tom Holland on social media, you’ll also know all too well that the MCU favorite tends to visit sick children while in costume in order to brighten their day, so it’s small wonder why fans have really taken to Holland as their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But that doesn’t mean they can’t poke fun at Avengers: Infinity War and, more specifically, Spidey’s cruel fate, as evidenced by their latest recurring gag: delivering bags of sand and ash to Holland himself.

These photos initially surfaced from Phoenix Comic Con (h/t Twitter, Reddit), where Tom Holland was in attendance to promote Infinity War and meet a handful of fans. But now that four weeks have passed, and details of the film’s remarkably bleak finale are being tossed around all four corners of the Internet, Marvel fans have decided to find a little fun amid all the apocalyptic drama.

Avengers: Infinity War, meanwhile, is still playing all across the globe, and has since collected around $1.9 billion in box office receipts. That number will likely continue to climb as time wears on, so there’s still a good chance Marvel’s third Avengers movie will break $2 billion, after all.

Source: Reddit