An MCU Figurehead Toplines The Latest Character Poster For Avengers: Infinity War


Following the calamitous bust-up that was Captain America: Civil War, Marvel fans may find it a little difficult to place their trust in the likes of Cap, Iron Man and Black Widow.

Bonds were broken, year-long friendships were torn asunder, and Steve Rogers turned his back on the vibranium-infused shield that helped make his name. But a new age of heroes is beginning to take shape, which is just as well considering that Avengers: Infinity War is now only four months away. Four months, people!

The hype train officially left the station back in November, when Marvel Studios brought the Internet to a temporary standstill with Infinity War‘s inspired first teaser. Since then, comic book fans have been left combing through a steady stream of fan-made posters and wondrous featurettes, and an artist by the name of ‘spacer114’ has produced another for the growing collection.

It’s arguably the perfect companion piece to Monday’s Cap-centric character poster (also seen in the gallery below, along with a few others), which asked us to once again believe in heroes. The same design rules apply here, too, with the only difference being that Steve Rogers has been swapped out for Tony Stark.

And if Robert Downey Jr. is to be believed, that fractured relationship will take a new turn when Avengers: Infinity War lights up theaters. Fans are still reeling from the pair’s show-stopping duel in Civil War, so we’re excited to see what’s in store.

Iron Man and Captain America are only two pieces of the puzzle, though, and handling such a gargantuan roster is clearly a two-man job, given the Powers That Be have entrusted Joe and Anthony Russo with Infinity War and its untitled sequel. There are only 12 months separating each Marvel blockbuster, but that year-long interval could turn out to be a long one should the Russo Brothers decide to leave fans on a cliffhanger.

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War will shake the MCU down to its very foundations on May 4th, 2018, before Avengers 4 arrives to finish the job in 2019.