Here’s How Steve And Bucky Will Reunite In Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War is getting closer and closer, meaning more and more info is coming our way as the weeks go on. Today, for instance, has seen various set reports go live, giving us a whole host of new details to analyze. One such juicy morsel is this scene breakdown of a key sequence from the movie: the moment where several of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reunite in Wakanda.

As we know, the African nation will be the setting for the big third act of the event movie, as it’s been designated as the site for a battle with Thanos’ forces, as the Mad Titan attempts to get his hands on the Mind Stone lodged in Vision’s head. When this scene begins, Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon and the Scarlet Witch have just arrived in Wakanda via a Quinjet. Vision, specifically, is in bad shape, as he’s been attacked by the Black Order.

From here, the tone lightens, though, as century-long best buds Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes meet for the first time since the latter was put on ice at the end of Captain America: Civil War. The scene will also see Bruce Banner making a fool of himself as he attempts to be respectful to King T’Challa.

Steve and Bucky embrace each other for the first time in years, and Steve’s old friend quips: “So little green men, huh?”

“Not little, not green,” Widow answers.

Banner is unsure how to react to T’Challa, so he bows down on one knee just to be safe.

Bucky Barnes and Captain America

The sequence will then move on to some banter between Bucky and Sam Wilson, as the latter pokes fun at Bucky’s brainwashing at the hands of HYDRA, which meant he would turn murderous at the mention of random words. The description suggests this could have just been an ad-libbed take, though, and might not feature in the finished film.

The Falcon approaches Bucky with his trademark sarcasm, their back and forth a continuing trend from Civil War and asks him: “Are you gonna snap and kill someone if they say bologna sandwich?”

Bucky takes a beat and replies, “….Not bologna sandwich.”

Mackie snaps back with a few different funny sounding words during one take, “Eggplant? Rancho Cucamonga?”

Finally, Black Panther turns the conversation back to the job at hand: the fight against Thanos’ Outriders. However, Sam Wilson can’t resist making one last jibe at Bucky’s expense.

“How big of an assault should we expect?” the King of Wakanda asks.

“A pretty big one, sir,” Cap replies.

“Well I have my King’s Guard,” the Black Panther says. “The Dora Milaje…”

Falcon interjects again, “And a semi-stable, frozen 100-year old man.”

In the grand scheme of things, this scene description doesn’t spoil anything major, but it does allow us to draw some plot-threads together. For instance, it confirms that the shot of Vision being ambushed in the Infinity War trailer is not the android’s death, as we now know he survives it and is taken to Wakanda.

We’ll be able see this scene for ourselves when Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas on April 27th.