Take A Peek At War Machine’s Upgraded Armor From Avengers: Infinity War


You can go ahead and add Rhodey’s name to the list of Avengers in line for a major upgrade in Marvel’s Infinity War.

Between Thor’s mighty new weapon and the fabled Model-Prime armor for Tony Stark/Iron Man, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be packing some serious heat by the time Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster arrives in theaters. And it’s just as well, as Thanos and his sinister Black Order are about to unleash fury upon the unsuspecting citizens of Earth.

When it comes to Colonel James Rhodes, in particular, newly-unveiled merchandise for Avengers: Infinity War tells us that his War Machine will be heftier this time around, as the shoulder-mounted cannon appears to be backed up by a brand new device. All things considered, Don Cheadle’s Avenger looks like a walking, talking weapon of mass destruction, and his black-and-silver suit certainly complements the striking, hot-rod-red of Tony Stark’s Model-Prime.

Feast your eyes on it in the gallery below (which also includes some other recently released merch):

Initially uncovered via MCU News & Tweets (h/t MCU Exchange), we should stress that this is taken from a piece of Avengers: Infinity War merchandise, and is therefore not indicative of the final product. Similar how those branded LEGO products, manufacturers typically draw up their own scenarios loosely inspired by the MCU’s chronology.

Character designs are a little different, though, given companies usually gain access to a bank of stock images that depict the film’s main players – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, in this instance. The takeaway? This is likely a good indication of War Machine’s souped-up armor, even if it isn’t a one-to-one recreation.

Expect Rhodey to take flight once more when Avengers: Infinity War shoots for theaters on May 4th.