Avengers: Infinity War Writers Explain Why They Hid The Soul Stone On Vormir


From a storytelling perspective, Avengers: Infinity War and all of its CG-laden spectacle could be whittled down to the Mad Titan’s quest to find and acquire all six Infinity Stones.

Each cosmic shard represents a figment of our universe, given the Time Stone grants the ability to manipulate spacetime while the overpowered Reality Stone allows its wielder to bend and mold the reality around them – like turning an obsidian dagger into a flurry of bubbles, for instance.

But if there was one Infinity Stone that sparked heated debate online leading up to the film’s release, it was the Soul Stone. Amid the radio silence, curious fans dreamed up all sorts of weird and bizarre theories, with one even going so far as to suggest that Tony Stark and the Soul gem were, in fact, one and the same.

Of course, we now know that the elusive object ended up being discovered on Vormir, something no one, anywhere would have guessed, and while speaking on Kevin Smith’s podcast recently, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely explained why they chose that particular location.

“We wanted it somewhere very meaningful to Thanos. Something pure to the movie. On a screenwriting level, we also wanted a mystery. What does Gamora know that you don’t? We read the various theories online, but they didn’t affect what we wrote. They couldn’t all be on Earth though. I know we’re a very important planet, but we can’t have all of them here.”

The scribes make a few good points here. For one, having that element of mystery in the film certainly worked in its favor, giving audiences a reason to come along for the ride. Not that they really needed one, mind you. But aside from that, if Thanos had just snatched the Soul Stone from, say, Wakanda, it wouldn’t have had much meaning. Having him instead need to sacrifice Gamora for it on Vormir makes the gem take on a much more important role in the story.

Speaking of which, it might just be key to the plot of Avengers 4 as well, what with rumors doing the rounds that point to its near-limitless power being able to resurrect some of the fallen heroes, just as it was able to wipe out half the known universe with a snap of the Mad Titan’s giant, purple fingers.

It’s all hearsay for now, of course, as Marvel Studios still has Ant-Man and the Wasp and the long-anticipated Captain Marvel to contend with before it can begin promoting the Avengers: Infinity War sequel in all of its glory. But when that time comes, and the Russo Brothers prepare to launch their conclusive follow-up, all eyes in the movie industry will be placed upon Marvel’s so-far untitled sequel. No pressure, then…

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