Epic Fan Posters For Avengers Vs. X-Men Are Good Enough To Be The Real Deal


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the merry band of mutants are about to inhabit the same cinematic universe thanks to the impending Disney-Fox merger, and while there is still work to be done before that tantalizing crossover comes to fruition, comic book fans the world over are already dreaming up all sorts of landmark event movies – like, say, Avengers Vs. X-Men.

The limited comic book series from Brian Michael Bendis et. al imagines a scenario in which the Phoenix Force makes a return, only to ignite a full-blown war between the Avengers and everyone’s favorite mutants. It’s comic book gold, really, even if it’s a little too cartoon-y for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Still, we can’t help but dream, and in light of Disney CEO placing Kevin Feige in control of the X-Men franchise moving forward, renown concept artist BossLogic has produced not one, but two incredible (and indeed minimal) fan posters that help usher those mutants into the wider MCU.

The first simply features the Avengers logo with three very prominent scratch marks, hinting at the presence of Wolverine. And finally, the second is arguably the most tantalizing of all, as it features a battle-ready Magneto preparing for a grudge match with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

Alas, the latter scenario is unlikely to transpire on the big screen, what with RDJ on the verge of leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe – ditto for Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. Perhaps Marvel will cast another actor as Tony Stark? Or rip up the rulebook and allow Iron Heart to swoop in as the Avengers’ new recruit?

Either way, the Disney-Fox merger will only open up a wealth of possibilities for Marvel Studios, and we simply can’t wait to see what Kevin Feige has planned for the X-Men and their fellow mutants.

Source: BossLogic