Doctor Doom Lurks In The Shadows On Awesome Black Panther 2 Fan Poster


Like every other Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel that’s in any stage of development, Black Panther 2 is already the subject of constant rumors and speculation about both where the story is headed, and how it could ultimately tie into and expand the universe itself.

As the highest-grossing installment in the franchise’s history that isn’t an Avengers movie, as well as the first in the comic book genre to score an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, T’Challa’s debut solo outing was a cultural phenomenon that captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.

Following up that kind of mind-blowing success isn’t going to be easy, especially with Black Panther 2 facing pressure and expectations that very few movies could ever hope to live up to, and with the release date less than two years away, returning director Ryan Coogler and his team will no doubt already be hard at work behind the scenes trying to crack the story.

While no concrete plot details are available as of yet, the likes of Namor and Storm have already been heavily linked to an appearance in Black Panther 2, with Fantastic Four antagonist Doctor Doom also being rumored as a possible candidate for the movie’s villain. Speaking of which, an awesome new fan poster from Psychoboz imagines the Latverian dictator looming in the shadows of Wakanda, and you can check it out below.

Comic book sequels always come burdened with extra pressure to deliver, and there are few in development that come bearing as much anticipation as Black Panther 2. The first was less of a blockbuster movie and more of a cultural and societal landmark, but with the same creative team in place, there’s every chance that the second outing for the King of Wakanda will be able to deliver once again, whether it ends up sowing the seeds for the X-Men and Fantastic Four or not.