Awesome Fan Art Sees Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Meet Chris Evans’ Human Torch


We’re on the cusp of having one whole, cohesive Marvel universe on the big screen for the first time ever, with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four about to join the MCU. Prior to 2008, though, linking up all the different Marvel movies wasn’t something that was done. Imagine if it was, though. We could’ve had the likes of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man teaming up with the cast of the 2005-2007 Fantastic Four films.

That never happened in reality, but this awesome piece of fan art depicts an epic union between the wall-crawler and the First Family. Inspired by a classic comic book panel, the Art of Time Travel Instagram account has imagined the black-suited Peter Parker swinging by the Baxter Building for help in 2007’s Spider-Man.

Matching the original comic book dialogue, Ioan Gruffudd’s Reed Richards tells Peter: “You are wearing a highly evolved symbiote–a sentient being which has attached itself to you both physically and mentally.” The webhead cries, “You mean… IT’S ALIVE!”, as Chris Evans’ Johnny Storm looks on in shock.

While this wasn’t possible back in the day, this artwork makes us wonder whether Maguire’s Spidey and Evans’ Human Torch could meet in the future of the MCU. There’s been talk that Maguire could return to the fold, seeing as his old director Sam Raimi is helming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Likewise, Evans has chatted about the idea of playing his FF role again, too.

It might sound a little far-fetched, but it really does seem like the sky’s the limit when it comes to crossovers in the years ahead. After all, Raimi’s sequel is expected to blow the doors wide open when it comes to the Marvel multiverse, meaning any number of stars from previous franchises could be brought back for fan-pleasing cameos.

But tell us, would you like to see Maguire’s Spider-Man and Evans’ Torch meet in DS2 or beyond? Swing on over to the comments and let us know.