Awesome Fan-Made Trailer Shows Us What Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut Would Look Like


Even for those of us who enjoyed the cut of Justice League that was seen in theaters, it’s impossible to deny that it was very much the product of two directors, those being Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon. Furthermore, if you’re someone who’d been keeping up with the strange ballad that was this film’s production, you’re well aware of how it underwent three months of reshoots that significantly factored into the final product.

Actually, there are many of you out there who couldn’t help but notice how much of what Snyder shot wasn’t seen in cinemas, with word on the street saying there’s enough footage to warrant another movie. As such, fan demand in seeing Snyder’s cut has considerably risen, with cinematographer Fabian Wagner also sharing that sentiment.

Fortunately for us, Cinemand has put together a trailer of their own showcasing many scenes and snippets not offered in the final cut. Of course, a few moments included in the video package were, but that’s likely to make sure the thing flowed well. Regardless, it should be noted that some of the omitted scenes were among those most talked about from the officially released trailers, chief among them being a mysterious figure (likely Superman) confronting Alfred.

From that, one can only assume the parameters of Superman’s resurrection may have been quite different when Snyder was at the wheel. Not only that, but it’s very possible that the returning Man of Tomorrow wasn’t as cheery or all for “truth and justice” as he was in Whedon’s footage. And thanks to a digitally removed mustache, it was plain as day that most of Henry Cavill’s scenes in the theatrical cut came courtesy of the Avengers director.

But regardless of whichever cut is ultimately superior – and many would probably make cases for both – we honestly aren’t sure if Warner Bros. would be willing to sink more money into a souped-up home video release, especially when you consider that they’re expected to take a big loss on Justice  League. Think about it: Not only would they have to pay someone to edit Snyder’s cut, but they’d also have to polish visual effects and add new music. Still, I’d personally be down for such a thing as a fan of these characters, and one of film trivia.