Back To The Future Stars Reunite For Special Photo After 36th Anniversary

Back to the Future

It’s been just over thirty-six years since Back to the Future was originally released and the film’s original stars have come together to take a heartwarming photo for fans. Michael J. Fox posted the photo to his Instagram account posing next to co-star Christopher Llyod in the back of a golf cart that seems to be sitting on a stage.

Since there’s little to no chance that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will ever appear with each other again for a sequel, this may be fan’s one small chance to imagine just what that sequel could have looked like.

Despite the extreme unlikelihood of a fourth sequel, it’s no surprise that just the idea of it happening at all has sparked the imagination of so many fans. Even just seeing the Back to the Future hashtag was enough to get anyone that’s watched this staple sci-fi franchise a bit excited at the possibility.