Watch: Back To The Future 4 Fan Trailer Teases The Sequel We’ll Never See


You have to commend writer Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis for sticking to their guns and refusing to let go of the rights to the Back to the Future franchise. If the property rested in the hands of almost anyone else in Hollywood, you can guarantee that either a fourth installment, remake or reboot would have happened over the last several decades, and possibly even all three.

Luckily, Zemeckis has made it perfectly clear that it’ll need to be pried from his cold, dead hands before the idea of reinventing the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown can even be considered, while Gale has explained on numerous occasions why Part IV isn’t going to happen, and even helpfully pointed folks in the direction of everything he regards as official canon for good measure. But if that still isn’t enough, the fan trailer up above should go some way to satisfying your itch for more from the series.

Of course, even before Michael J. Fox officially announced his retirement from acting last year, there was no chance that the world of Back to the Future would be revisited in live-action. And if the director, writer, cast and crew are all saying no to more stories, then it should be taken as the final word.

Besides, the original remains one of the most entertaining, enjoyable and rewatchable blockbusters ever made, and still holds up as an all-time great over 35 years later. A remake or reboot wouldn’t even be able to enter the same stratosphere as the first Back to the Future in terms of quality, and it marks a refreshing change in today’s cinematic climate where everything is fair game for reinvention to know full well that nobody else is going to be getting their hands on the rights to the beloved series for a long time yet.