Netflix Facing Backlash For Steamy New Fifty Shades-Style Drama

365 Dni

Another new movie is riding high on Netflix, and as is typical for such an occurrence, it made a splash on Twitter. 365 Dni, a steamy Polish drama that’s drawing comparisons to Fifty Shades of Grey, has had many people reacting strongly, but not always in a good way.

The movie’s plot sees a sales executive named Laura kidnapped by Massimo, the scion of a Sicilian mafia family, who declares that he’ll make her love him within a year. Much of the controversy revolves around the nature of the developing relationship, claiming that it glorifies Stockholm Syndrome, seeing a woman gradually fall in love with her abuser.

It’s also a little harder to swallow since Massimo is a thoroughly unlikable individual, a glorified mafia thug used to taking what he wants regardless of how willing the other participant is, and who thinks that simply declaring a woman to be his property is enough to make it so. Of course, Laura ends up falling for him, presumably because of him being so dark and brooding and sexy, leading to numerous sexually charged scenes. It’s not a scenario that everyone’s happy about, though.

365 Dni

While people’s concerns about glamorizing abuse are perfectly valid, it’s also important to remember that the purpose of fantasy is precisely that – it’s not real and so viewers can use its content to explore their own curiosities and desires in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone else. It’s entirely possible to be aroused by something while also being perfectly aware of how problematic its content is, with the loss of control being quite a common one, and people should feel free to indulge in it without guilt.

The main issue with 365 Dni is not so much the potentially troubling nature of the central relationship, but rather its appalling script, terrible ending and sex scenes being somewhat perfunctory, intended to be explicit rather than intimate, meaning what could have allowed viewers to connect with them even further is lost.