Bad Boys 3 Loses Joe Carnahan

Some worrying news for Bad Boys 3, or Bad Boys For Life, as it’s being called, coming in tonight. The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that the project, which has had a fair amount of trouble getting off the ground, has lost director Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team). The reason for his departure his unclear, but it’s either a scheduling conflict or creative differences, depending on who you want to believe.

Regardless, it’s a huge loss for the threequel and is now yet another setback that it has to face. Filming was set to get underway this fall for a November 8th, 2018 release, but with Carnahan now gone, that may change. Thankfully, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still on board to reprise their roles, and the studio is said to already be looking for someone to step behind the camera. They may rework Carnahan’s script, too.

Most likely, the director’s exit is due to a busy schedule. After all, he just signed up for a re-imagining of The Raid and is said to be in line to helm X-Force as well. Both of those projects will be taking up a large amount of his time and it wouldn’t be too surprising if that’s what forced him to jump ship.

Whatever the reason may be, we just hope it doesn’t delay production for too long. This film has had so much trouble coming together already that if it suffers anymore setbacks it may not ever make it off the ground. Thankfully, both stars are still attached, which means Sony shouldn’t have too difficult of a time roping in a new director.

There’s no word yet on who they may have their eye on, but feel free to take to the comments section down below to let us know who you’d like to see helm Bad Boys 3.