The X-Force Film Gets A Writer And Director


Lots of movement going on with Fox’s X-Men franchise this week. After hearing that Simon Kinberg may helm the next instalment in the main series, which will probably be titled Supernova, and learning that Deadpool 2 has drafted in a new writer, we’re now being told that the X-Force film has found itself a director and a pair of scribes. reports that Joe Carnahan (The GreyThe A-Team), who’s currently putting together a remake of The Raid that sounds pretty awesome, will get behind the camera for the upcoming superhero flick. Not only that, but he’ll write the movie alongside Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Apparently, the actor wants X-Force to be an R-rated affair, much like his own superhero series, and Cable, who’s set to appear in Deadpool 2, will be featured in this project as well.


We don’t have much more to go on at the moment other than that, but this is hugely exciting. Reynolds’ involvement speaks for itself and should ensure that the film turns out to be another mature outing when it comes to comic book movies, which seems to be the trend these days and is definitely something fans appreciate. Plus, it also basically confirms that Deadpool will be showing up. That, combined with the grittiness that Carnahan is known for bringing to his films should make for something quite special here.

And speaking of the director, it’s great to see him finally getting his time in the spotlight. He’s been doing solid work for years now and recently, he’s started to find himself become attached to a number of high profile projects, including Bad Boys 3Uncharted and now this. That means his schedule is definitely going to be pretty busy for the next little while, but hopefully he’ll find time to squeeze in X-Force as well, as we can’t imagine Fox wanting to sit on it for too long.