Peel The Power With The First Teaser Poster For Bananaman


We’ve seen countless superheroes make their way to the big screen, but I doubt anyone expected Bananaman to be one of them. However, the popular British comic strip character is defying the odds and getting a blockbuster of his own, though we know almost nothing about it.

What we do know is that the film is expected to arrive in 2015, from the rights holder DC Thompson and Elstree Studio Productions. The rest of the banana-flavored details are a mystery. We do have our first official glimpse at the film today though, in the form of an epic teaser poster that promises giant banana-sized adventure.

For those of us who didn’t grow up in Britain or Ireland in the 1980s, Bananaman is the heroic alter-ego of a young boy named Eric, who turns into an adult superhero when he eats a banana. The original strip, by John Geering, Steve Bright, and Dave Donaldson, satirized many of Superman and Batman’s attributes, substituting key elements with bananas. As expected, hilarity often ensued.

Exactly how Thompson and Elstree plan to bring the character to life is a mystery. My guess is that it’ll be an animated film, since I don’t expect that the source material would translate very well to live action. But, I wasn’t expecting a Bananaman movie either, so I guess anything is possible.


Source: IMP Awards