Batgirl Will Likely Feature The DCEU’s First Transgender Character

Batgirl Comics

When it comes to the long-gestating Batgirl movie, I’m not sure what to say about it other than it probably stands a better chance of seeing the light of day than Nightwing. Even though Joss Whedon is out as director, word got out this week that the hunt is back on, so hopefully that void is filled before too long.

Based on what little information we’ve had to go on, I’ve surmised that this movie will be more in line with Batgirl comic books published in recent years – and our source (the same one who told us Black Mask will be gay in Birds of Prey, which was later confirmed) has seemingly proven me correct. You see, they’ve just informed us that the flick will feature the DC Extended Universe’s first transgender character.

Now, before you get your tights in a twist, know that the studio isn’t making Barbara Gordon transgender. If you begin complaining about that, then it’ll make it easier for everyone on Facebook and Twitter to deduce who didn’t actually read the article. Instead, we’re talking about Alysia Yeoh making the leap from printed page to live action.

For those unfamiliar, Alysia is a close friend and roommate of Barbara’s in the comics, so I’d imagine that she likewise be just that on the silver screen. As such, it’s probably safe to say that the “Burnside” era of tales will probably lend considerable inspiration to the screenplay. Well, at least the current iteration of the screenplay. The winds do shift every day in Burbank, after all, and our source says that the script can always change before shooting begins.

What’s also worth mentioning is that Alysia took on a more proactive role in the Bombshells universe, even joining the group known as “the Batgirls.” Though I highly doubt that’ll inform this movie, you never know which books are being researched in Tinseltown.

In any case, if you’ve been following along with other DCEU news, then you know LGBT representation is about to make a big impact on the brand. In next year’s Birds of Prey blockbuster alone, Rene Montoya is expected to be in a lesbian relationship much like her comic book counterpart and, as mentioned above, the villainous Black Mask is likewise gay. Don’t forget, we broke both those stories, and the latter was swiftly confirmed by other outlets, so we’re inclined to believe what our source is saying about Batgirl, too.