Warner Bros. Currently Searching For New Batgirl Director


Batgirl is currently one of DC’s most-anticipated upcoming films, but little is known about who’s involved with the movie. Following Joss Whedon’s unexpected exit from the flick last year though, Heroic Hollywood reports that Warner Bros. has been searching hard for a new director to helm the project as it’s a big priority for them. Though no names are being tossed out as of yet, plenty of fans are excited to see who the studio will select to the lead the feature.

Following the massive success of Wonder Woman, DC has been focusing a lot of their attention on female-led superhero films. Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 are currently both in the pipeline, while rumors of a Supergirl movie continue to swirl. It would therefore make sense for Warner Bros. to go with a female director for Batgirl. There are many reasons why this would be an awesome idea, including the fact that Patty Jenkins did such a wonderful job with Wonder Woman.

The studio already has a talented female scribe penning both Batgirl and Birds of Prey, so it’d be cool if they could continue their push for diversity by employing as many women as possible on these projects. They shouldn’t just be confined to films that are centered around characters of their same gender, though. Warner Bros. should afford Jenkins and other women the opportunity to showcase their talents across all high-profile features, including flicks that revolve around men.

It doesn’t appear like the studio is close to finding a director for Batgirl as of right now. Their search is expected to be wide and all-encompassing though and hopefully, it’ll end with a female sitting behind the camera. Either way, this movie and its already tumultuous production are definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on for fans of the source material and once this is all sorted out, maybe Warner Bros. can finally get around to casting the titular character.