Wonder Woman Soars Past $400 Million At Domestic Box Office


Diana Prince and her blistering Lasso of Truth continue to exert their dominance at the domestic box office.

Now in its ninth week of release, Wonder Woman has officially surpassed the $400 million mile-marker in North America, becoming only the 27th movie ever to do so in film history. For Warner Bros., that means the Patty Jenkins-directed period piece is now that studio’s third highest-grossing release on home turf, slotting behind The Dark Knight ($534 million) and The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million) on the box office standings.

Moreover, such an accomplishment means that Wonder Woman is now the second highest-grossing domestic release of the year behind Disney and Bill Condon’s fairytale, Beauty and the Beast, which cemented its place at #1 with a whopping $504 million haul back in March. Nevertheless, this is a remarkable feat for Warner and its ever-evolving DC Extended Universe, while a $400 million domestic haul is also enough to ensure that Wonder Woman will be remembered as the most successful film ever released by a female director – financially, at least.

All of this has reportedly encouraged Warner Bros. to stage a huge Oscar push for the WWI actioner, which would be the studio’s first comic book movie to receive such a backing since the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Alas, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy-capper didn’t wind up with a single nomination, and it’s often the case that The Academy limits Hollywood’s costumed crusaders to the primary technical achievements (see: Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing), with the only real exception being the two Oscar wins for The Dark Knight back in 2009.

Regardless of how Wonder Woman performs at the 2018 Oscar ceremony, though, Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic will forever be celebrated as one of 2017’s greatest success stories. But it’s by no means the end for Gal Gadot’s Amazonian, what with plans in place for Wonder Woman 2 to hit theaters in December of 2019. And let’s not forget the release of Justice League on November 17th of this year.

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