Wonder Woman Passes Deadpool At Worldwide Box Office


These days, it seems like there’s no stopping Wonder Woman, as the Amazon Princess’ first solo outing on the big screen has managed to add yet another accomplishment to its ever-growing list. While previous entries in the DC Extended Universe proved to be divisive amongst both critics and moviegoers, Patty Jenkins’ masterpiece seems to have united everybody with its great character work and breathtaking action scenes – and deservedly so.

That said, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shocker that even as the picture has reached the point in its theatrical run that sees it slowing down when it comes to box office take, it’s actually reaching milestones with the final dollars that it’s bringing in.

Although it topped Deadpool in a domestic sense a while back by surpassing the $363 million mark (thus earning respect from Ryan Reynolds himself), it’s especially impressive that Wonder Woman has now bested the Merc with a Mouth on the global stage. In other words, Wonder Woman is currently sitting pretty with a worldwide gross of $786 million, recently having passed Deadpool’s $783.1 million.

Circling back to domestic earnings, it’s worth noting that the film has thus far accrued $395 million, thereby placing it a stone’s throw away from juggernauts such as 2002’s Spider-Man ($403 million), Captain America: Civil War ($408 million) and Iron Man 3 ($409 million). And should those eventually be left in the rear view mirror, it goes without saying that Gal Gadot and company could lay claim to some serious bragging rights.

Having taken all this into account, it surprises none of us that not only has a Wonder Woman sequel been announced for December of 2019, but also that an Oscar campaign is being set into motion.

Source: Forbes