Supergirl Movie Reportedly Starts Production In Early 2020


Just as Warner Bros. has now solved the problem of how to progress with Batman in the DCEU by hiring Robert Pattinson to replace Ben Affleck, it sounds like the studio may also be on the cusp of redefining the adventures of the Superman universe on the big screen, too.

As we’ve heard, DC is looking to sidestep the Man of Steel now that Henry Cavill is all but confirmed to have left the role and instead focus on the Kryptonian’s cousin Supergirl. Forbes is claiming that WB is further along the process than we thought, too, and is actually gearing up to shoot a Supergirl movie in the first quarter of 2020. This is coincidentally the same period when Matt Reeves’ The Batman, starring Pattinson, is also due to go before the cameras, following a delay from its initial planned start date of November 2019.

Forbes writes that WB may reveal who they’ve cast as their cinematic Kara Zor-El over the next few months as well. However, it doesn’t sound like it’s too set in stone just yet, as they note that the production start date is only “tentatively” confirmed at the moment.

Previous reports have pointed to the Supergirl movie cutting loose from established DCEU lore, much like The Batman, and being set in the 1970s. Brainiac, a Superman villain fans have long awaited to see brought to life, is expected to appear and last August, it was said that The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Reed Morano had signed on as the film’s director. Even if that’s changed since then, it’s a cert that WB want a female filmmaker to helm the project.

On a similar note, We Got This Covered recently informed you that DC’s also developing a Superman: Red Son movie that, following on from Joker, would be a one-off Elseworlds-style tale that would cast a new actor as the Man of Steel.

There’s been no official confirmation on that one just yet, but tell us, are you excited for a Supergirl solo film? Let us know in the comments section below.