‘Batgirl’ set photos may be teasing iconic Batman villain

The latest snap from the set of Batgirl hints an appearance from another iconic Batman villain. Barbara Gordon will finally be making her DCEU debut in the upcoming HBO Max movie, in which the caped heroine will be played by In the Heights‘ Leslie Grace.

Little is known about the plot at this stage, but the signs are pointing to the film being set in a Gotham City in which the Dark Knight — and his enemies — have been operating for years.

There’s the potential, then, for a variety of familiar faces — either from previous movies or the source material — to show up. Warner Bros. is doing a good job of keeping spoilers to a minimum as production continues in Glasgow, Scotland, but the latest image teases that none other than Dr. Hugo Strange will at least be alluded to in Batgirl.

As shared by @glasgowmixtape on Twitter, the pic showcases a poster from location filming that closely resembles Strange, what with his steepled fingers and sinister grin. The two spray-painted lines over his face also seem to have been deliberately placed to obscure his recognizable glasses.

Of course, just because Strange appears on a poster, that doesn’t mean he’s actually in the movie. We know who’s going to serve as its main villain, after all. Doom Patrol‘s Brendan Fraser has signed on to star opposite Grace as Garfield Lynns, also known as Firefly. Still, another antagonist that’s yet to appear on the big screen like Strange would be a good choice for a secondary villain.

It’s hard to guess who could show in Batgirl, though, as we’re not even sure what universe it’s set in. J.K. Simmons is returning as Commissioner Gordon from Justice League, hinting that it’s set in the original SnyderVerse, but Michael Keaton is also reportedly back as Batman, fresh off his return in The Flash. Hopefully things will become clearer soon, with Batgirl expected to hit streaming later this year.