Batman Bribes Aquaman In Justice League Deleted Scene


In the midst of Justice League‘s theatrical cut having been a mish-mash of two directors with two very different modalities – those being Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon – it’s understandable that much footage got left on the cutting room floor. In fact, the vigilant online campaign to see a release of Zack Snyder’s original vision is still going strong, even if the initial Blu-ray packaging hints that won’t be in the immediate future.

Granted, while the bulk of what we didn’t see in cinemas was probably due to the studio leaning toward including what Whedon filmed during extensive reshoots over the summer, there may be some instances that were your standard omissions. Really, pretty much every movie has those moments where the editor may deem something unnecessary, or think it just doesn’t gel with the overall product.

And while we may not know why the topic for today’s discussion was given the ax, we are able to confirm that Bruce Wayne originally whipped out a fat wad of cash when bribing Arthur Curry in an effort to get the Atlantean on board, and in the search of Mother Boxes. Let it be known that this image was taken from the Justice League: The Art of the Film book, so no crafty Photoshop is at play.

If you’ll remember, there were certain heroes who needed some convincing to join the Justice League (Aquaman and Cyborg), while the Flash was game from the get-go. But fortunately for the people of Earth, everyone got on the same page in time to prevent Steppenwolf from turning the planet into something resembling his home world of Apokolips.