New Website Launching In Support Of Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut


These days, every big budget comic book movie is met with speculation about the amount of “studio interference” involved in production, but with Justice League, this speculation is augmented by the question of where director Zack Snyder’s work ends, and where the additional material and reshoots of Joss Whedon begins.

This is because Snyder had to depart the project after filming had ended, and Whedon – who had already been working on the script – was drafted in to handle post-production and reshoots. Producer Charles Roven subsequently conceded that the theatrical release consisted of about 15-20% Joss Whedon footage, but we suspect that might be underselling it a bit.

Fans are already petitioning Warner Bros. for a Director’s Cut, that much we know, and now, they’ve gone one step further and have begun putting together a website in hopes that the studio will listen to them. Called, it’s set to launch in a couple of days and currently features a countdown clock, with an “under construction” message. As such, we’re not exactly sure what it’ll contain or consist of, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Then again, despite that aforementioned petition reaching quite a hefty amount of signatures – the current count is 164k – there’s been absolutely no indication of any sort that we’ll get to see Zack’s original vision for the film. And honestly, we’ve pretty much given up hope at this stage.

In fact, it’s looking more likely that we’ll get an extended Whedon cut rather than a Snyder version, which would apparently be too costly to produce and simply isn’t worth the studio’s time or money given how much they’ve already lost here. Not to mention that the cover art for the Blu-ray makes no mention of any kind of alternate cut. So again, don’t hold your breath, as it seems like the only version of Justice League we’ll ever see is the one we got in theaters.