The Batman Co-Writer Hints At New DC Movie, Maybe Constantine


The Batman is one upcoming DC movie with some serious talent backing the project, from director Matt Reeves to actors like Robert Pattinson, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. One part of the equation though that’s relatively unknown is Mattson Tomlin, who’s attached to the film as a co-writer.

And while we’ve yet to see how he fares with the script, Tomlin has now hinted through a tweet that he may not be done with comic book movies after wrapping up The Batman. See for yourself below:

The most obvious interpretation of this cryptic tweet is that Tomlin’s getting ready to start work on another comic book adaptation. In fact, WGTC told you last week that he’s boarding DC’s reboot of Constantine, the 2005 movie starring Keanu Reeves that’s based on the occult detective who appears in DC Comics. And now, it appears as if Tomlin might be confirming our scoop.

After all, we know he’s a fan of the character, as he once changed his Twitter description to read “…they ask me my name, I say Constantine.” Plus, it’s said that DC wants to get Reeves back in the role, and why wouldn’t they? Every studio is looking to cash in on his star power right now.

As far as Constantine is concerned, the original movie with Reeves playing the titular character was praised for its style and performances but ultimately rejected by many fans who felt the narrative strayed too far from the comics. If Tomlin intends to write a new film based on careful research of the comics, the reboot will likely prove much more popular with viewers and also officially make Keanu Reeves a part of the DCEU.