New Batman Easter Egg Discovered In Suicide Squad


When Suicide Squad hit theatres back in August, it arrived with a whole host of Easter Eggs for fans to find, some blatantly obvious and others not so much. However, even now, months after it first released, people are still discovering clever nods to other DC properties hidden throughout David Ayer’s film. Especially recently, as Task Force X made their debut on Digital HD this past week, bringing with them a brand new Extended Cut.

The latest Easter Egg to surface is a brief, yet welcome reference to a character that Batman fans will no doubt be instantly familiar with: mob boss Carmine Falcone. This one comes to us thanks to an eagle eyed Reddit user, who pointed out that there’s a shot of the Gotham skyline early on in the film and if you pause it at just the right moment, you’ll see a red flashing sign that when zoomed in, you’ll notice reads “Falcone.”


Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to spot and it’s understandable that no one caught it during Suicide Squad‘s theatrical run. Still, it’s a welcome nod to the character, one who we’re hoping will eventually show up in the DC Extended Universe. We’ve seen him on screen before, of course, back in Batman Begins where he was played by Tom Wilkinson, and he’s currently appearing on television’s Gotham as well, so we imagine it’s really just a matter of time before Falcone is back in theatres again.

Perhaps he’ll have a small introduction in The Batman, before becoming a more important character further down the road? It’s too soon to know for sure if that’ll be the case, but after seeing this Easter Egg, we suspect we’ll be encountering him at some point in the DCEU.

Circling back to Suicide Squad though, as we mentioned before, it’s now available on Digital HD, which means people finally have the chance to revisit what was one of 2016’s most divisive films. Whether or not the general opinion on it will change is up for debate, but given that Batman V Superman is now being seen as a cult classic by some, perhaps Task Force X may be looked at it another light as well?

Tell us, were you impressed by David Ayer’s DCEU entry when it arrived back in August, and do you have any intentions of checking out the Extended Cut? Sound off below with your thoughts!