10 Scenes You Need To See In Suicide Squad’s Extended Cut


After months and months of growing hype, Suicide Squad finally arrived in August and was met with… critical derision and widespread disappointment from fans. Instead of the super-fun spectacle that the trailers promised, the movie was a muddled hot mess. There just seemed to be too many key story and character beats missing for it to work. Something which was proven to be true when it was revealed that Suicide Squad had been entirely recut late in the day. Oh well, fans thought, at least we have the Extended Cut to save the movie, right?

Arriving on November 15th on Digital HD and on Blu-Ray on December 13th, the extended cut adds in 11 more minutes of screen time. As such, many will be sad to note that it doesn’t really affect the overall quality of the film. A few extra moments here and there serve to embellish characters or clarify plot elements, but the Extended Cut is noticeably lacking in any important new footage. For instance, the scene glimpsed in the trailers where a half-burned Joker returns in Midway City is still nowhere to be found. Bizarrely, neither is the “I can’t wait to show you my toys” line.

So, what additions does the Extended Cut make then? Read on and you’ll find out….