Suicide Squad Extended Cut Blu-Ray Bonus Features Revealed, Runtime Clarified


Regardless of whether or not you liked Suicide Squad, we can all probably agree that it’s been a veritable merchandising monster and pop culture phenomenon, likely due in no small part to the inclusion of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and The Joker (Jared Leto), Gotham City’s deadliest power couple.

So when it was announced that the film was following in the footsteps of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice by offering an extended cut on its home video release, it certainly piqued the curiosity of many a fan, to say the least. We must admit that the inclusion of more scenes fleshing out Joker and Harley’s background are most welcome and may change the film’s tone a bit.

Before I elaborate on that topic, check out this rundown of bonus features to be included on the Blu-Ray release:

Task Force X: One Team, One Mission – Discover the rich legacy of DC’s most infamous bad guys
Squad Strength and Skills – How’d they whip themselves into shape?
Get the inside story Joker and Harley: The ‘It’ Couple of the Underworld – She’s rotten. He’s damaged. They’re a match made in hell
Chasing the Real – Writer/director David Ayer reveals techniques for creating an authentic surreal world
Plus Gag Reel and More!

It should be rather interesting to see if the Joker and Harley featurette examines the true nature of their abusive relationship or if it’s glossed over and the more “lovey-dovey” version as seen in the theatrical cut is explored. Longtime fans of comic books and animation were a little put off by having Joker portrayed in somewhat of a heroic light, so we will have to wait and see whether or not this dynamic is addressed.

Furthermore, the back cover art reveals that the extended cut clocks in at 134 minutes, which makes it 11 minutes longer than its theatrical counterpart as opposed to 13, which had previously been reported. And, interestingly enough, the extended cut has gone unrated by the MPAA, somewhat keeping in spirit with the R-rated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition.

Suicide Squad will arrive on Digital HD on November 15 before making its way to Blu-Ray and DVD on December 13.