Suicide Squad Extended Cut Teaser: Task Force X Is Bigger And Badder Than Ever


When those involved in the making of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad solicited questions after the film’s release, it became clear that a fair amount of footage from Warner’s villainous ensemble piece was discarded to the floor of the editing room as the studio zeroed in on a final cut.

In fact, to quote Jared Leto, there are seemingly enough Suicide Squad deleted scenes to “fill an entire DVD,” and though it’s highly unlikely we’ll gain access to all of those cut sequences in question, the release of the movie’s Extended Cut ought to satisfy the itch for more Task Force X.

It’ll come bundled with the Digital HD (November 15) and Blu-ray (December 13) releases of Ayer’s star-studded affair, and Warner Bros. has today pumped out a stylish snippet designed to tease some of those never-before-seen edits, including a first-person shot of what we assume to be the Joker driving his car right up in the face of a pre-Harley Quinn Margot Robbie.

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That’s the only real scene that is showcased in full; the rest are paraded in front of your eyes via a flashy – and sadly fleeting – montage culminating in Will Smith’s Deadshot murmuring, “Stay evil, doll face.” If it’s anything like the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman, the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad will offer up a more coherent and indeed compelling product than its theatrical brethren.

Look for Suicide Squad to launch via Digital HD – with Extended Cut in tow – on November 15. It’ll then make the jump to Blu-ray on December 13. Also, in case you missed it, we’re also hosting a contest to give away Harley Quinn’s striking New Style jacket from David Ayer’s anti-hero picture. You have until October 17 to enter.