Batman fans debate the best cinematic version of Gotham City

Image via Warner Bros.

A Batman is only as good as the city he defends. Though you’ve also got the likes of Metropolis, Central City, and Starling City, Gotham is easily the most iconic location in the DC universe — and arguably the whole superhero genre to boot. The crime-infested burg has been depicted on screen as many times as its caped protector, but which is the best cinematic interpretation of Bruce Wayne’s hometown of the lot?

That’s the question that DC fans have been pondering on social media lately. Twitter user @callouswayne got the ball rolling by asking fans “which Batman has the best Gotham aesthetic ever?” and attaching screenshots from Batman v Superman (starring Ben Affleck), the Dark Knight trilogy (featuring Christian Bale), Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and 1989’s Batman, home to Michael Keaton’s Crusader.

And, yes, the OP is aware that the BvS image is a shot of Metropolis not Gotham, as they clarified in a follow-up tweet.

Just like everyone has their own favorite Batman, fans have come up with a range of responses to the question, with different folks preferring different Gotham aesthetics. That said, the Burtonverse Gotham, typified by its elaborate gothic architecture and film noir influences, proved to be particularly popular.

Alternatively, The Batman‘s Gotham is getting a lot of love from folks, too. Which isn’t that surprising, given that it’s freshest in our memories.

Though not pictured in the tweet, other fans gave a shoutout to the campy, OTT Gotham of Joel Schumacher’s ’90s movies. Not to mention the art deco cityscape from Batman: The Animated Series.

Interestingly, the Dark Knight trilogy’s Gotham received few votes. That’s maybe because it was less heightened than the heightened worlds created by other Batman filmmakers. Still, this thread makes clear that Gotham City can take many shapes and forms… So long as it’s got some guy in a pointy-eared cowl standing on a rooftop somewhere looking after it.