Batman Fans Show Their Appreciation For Ben Affleck On Twitter


The DC fanbase’s Twitter division has been coming together to celebrate Ben Affleck’s Batman performance, a celebration they’ve dubbed #ThanksBatfleck. Why today? Your guess is as good as mine.

We’re going to run through some of their tweets for you, though. Among them you’ll find sweet dedications, a comic book comparison, and takes hotter than Dick Cheney’s armpits after a run.

First up are a couple of those unpretentious expressions of gratitude:

The following tribute is a little more effusive:

Next we have @NaveenShankarSP, who draws attention to the parallels between Batfleck’s depiction in the movies and Batman’s depiction in the comics:

Coincidence or deliberate choices by Snyder? Either way, one person pointed out that the photo of Affleck sporting a beard is in fact from Argo. So er, top marks for comic book accuracy.

Now for the good stuff. These are bound to inspire some divided responses. No one has ever tried applying Cartesian thought to Batman V Superman – until now:

The misspelling of “legend” is an apposite metaphor for Zack Snyder’s filmmaking.

Now, so far we’ve had some fun with #ThanksBatfleck. I hope it was taken in good faith. But our final tweet blows everyone else’s out of the water as it’s a take of truly stratospheric proportions. Brace yourselves:

To be honest, I’m still recovering. Reading has never given me the bends before, but this just did. Every credit, though. The world would be a miserable place without original criticism, and the passion with which this is argued is heartening to watch.

Personally, however, I don’t agree with a word of it – whatever the intentions behind the Martha scene were, its super-seriousness belied the absurdity of the dialogue. As far as my Batman fixes go, I’ll be sticking with Bale and Nolan. But Ben Affleck was well-cast, even while his surroundings ground him down. Consider this my own #ThanksBatfleck.