Batman Beyond Movie Reportedly Coming To HBO Max With Michael Keaton And Timothee Chalamet

Batman Beyond

Michael Keaton’s Batman is returning.

This week, Warner Bros. boss Walter Hamada confirmed that the legendary Dark Knight actor will be sticking around the DCEU following his grand comeback in The Flash as an older version of his Bruce Wayne from the Tim Burton films of the 80s/90s. This immediately got fans thinking that a Batman Beyond movie must be on the way, and sure enough, a new report is pointing to the project being headed to HBO Max.

Small Screen writes that a source from within WarnerMedia has has told them Keaton is closing in on a deal to star in a pic based on the futuristic animated series. As fans will know, Beyond saw an elderly Bruce training up his protégé Terry McGinnis as the new protector of Gotham City. But who would play Terry in the DCEU? Well, SS claims that Timothee Chalamet is in talks to land the gig.

The outlet points out that their source previously told them that this would be a TV show but the concept has now apparently morphed into a movie and will be one of the two originals DC films due on HBO Max every year from 2022 onward.

“Chalamet and Keaton are close to signing on the dotted line. They have been in talks to star in what will be a Batman Beyond feature-length movie, not a TV show like I previously told you. This Batman Beyond film will be released straight to HBO Max and will be part of the DCEU.”

The outlet goes on to say that they chased around various other sources to corroborate the information of the first and, yes, they’re also saying that Keaton and Chalamet are closing in on a Batman Beyond flick due to hit streaming. This news follows on from the original show, along with its forebear Batman: The Animated Series, finally becoming available on HBO Max as of January 1st.

Not long ago, the idea of Keaton starring in a Batman Beyond film was just a pipe dream, but now it’s looking highly probable, and how exciting is that?