The Batman Could Release In The Spring Of 2021


If a recent report from THR is accurate, then it sounds like Matt Reeves’ The Batman may finally begin production in November. Bruce Wayne’s next solo outing has so far been shrouded in a cloud of secrecy, as Warner Bros. continues to keep any and all details under lock and key, but if this really is the case, it seems we might be seeing the film sooner than we thought.

A new piece on Forbes explains that The Batman could swoop into theaters in the spring or summer of 2021, if all goes to plan. Though the article notes that 2022 is still a possibility as well, if things run smoothly and do indeed get underway this fall, then 2021 isn’t out of the question. Though given that we’re still so far out from the film starting production, it’s too difficult to pin down an exact release window at this point in time.

“I suspect The Batman will hit theaters in the summer of 2021, rather than being held all the way until 2022,” writes Forbes.

“However, it’s not outside the realm of possibility yet that a combination of unexpected delays in production start-date, ongoing considerations about the broader plan for production and release of other DC movies, and availability of preferred release dates could hypothetically combine to convince Warner a 2022 release is in the best interests of the film, the studio, and other films on the release schedule. But again, my expectation is a release in summer 2021 or maybe spring 2021.”

As for what to expect from The Batman, well, that’s the big mystery right now. Indeed, there’ve been more conflicting reports than we care to count at this stage, but the popular narrative last year was that Reeves was looking to distance his work from the Dark Knight’s previous DCEU outings by going further back in the timeline, long before the events of the divisive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the underwhelming Justice League. Of course, this would mean casting a younger actor as Bruce, and while apparently the studio still wanted Ben Affleck involved, the director had other ideas.

Then again, all of this has yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking increasingly likely that The Batman will serve as a soft reboot for the character. With a 2021 release now expected though, we should begin to learn more concrete details in no time at all – including who our new Caped Crusader will be.

Source: Forbes