Matt Reeves’ The Batman Will Reportedly Shoot In November


For this past year, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors and reports on Matt Reeves’ The Batman but not much in the way of official details, and while this latest bit of hearsay from The Hollywood Reporter is still awaiting official confirmation, it should at least give fans reason to believe that Bruce Wayne’s next solo outing might finally be moving into its production stages before the year is out.

The THR piece relays intel that Warner Bros. wants to begin shooting this November, before going on to suggest when we might find out who the next Caped Crusader is:

“The script is basically in, although Reeves will continue tweaking it and working on it. And I’m hearing the studio wants to start shooting in November. So let’s say between now and then?”

Warner has just under eleven months to prove this rumor right or wrong, but for what it’s worth, a previous report indicated that Reeves’ script was due before the end of 2018, so it certainly sounds like the troubled project is making some genuine progress.

The popular narrative last year was that Matt Reeves was keen to distance his work from the Dark Knight’s previous DCEU outings by delving further back in the timeline, long before the events of the divisive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the commercially lackluster Justice League. Naturally, this meant casting a younger actor as Bruce, and while Warner still wanted to find a way of fitting Ben Affleck into the action, Reeves had other ideas.

Most of these claims are yet to be confirmed, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that The Batman will serve as a soft reboot for the character. Regardless, it could still be a couple of years or so before we find out if the movie’s rocky journey was worth it, but in the meantime, stay tuned for further updates.

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