The Batman Will Reportedly Tease One Of Gotham’s Biggest Criminals

The Batman

The Batman isn’t set to just introduce Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight but also immediately populate this version of Gotham City with a handful of its most notorious citizens. Paul Dano’s Riddler is the main villain of the movie, with Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman also prominently featured. And don’t forget John Turturro as crime boss Carmine Falcone. Numerous more will no doubt be introduced in the sequel, with it possible that this first film will tease the coming of one of Bruce Wayne’s worst foes next time.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared a rumor claiming that The Batman will tease the introduction of Two-Face at a later date. That’s about as much as the scooper had to say at this point, but it’s pretty believable intel all the same. Director Matt Reeves looks dead-set on retelling the origin stories of as many iconic Bat-characters as he can. And the downfall of Harvey Dent, Gotham’s so-called White Knight, is one of the most famous of the lot, so it adds up that the filmmaker would want him in the sequel.

Of course, the challenge in tackling Two-Face is that he’s so well-known. Plus, his transformation was also depicted so expertly in The Dark Knight, the most acclaimed DC flick of all time. It was probably the right move not to bring him into The Batman, what with all the other villains around, and push him back into the follow-up to give the tragic character and his arc the space to breathe. Not to mention giving Reeves more time to come up with a fresh approach to the material.

Batman Begins memorably ended with Jim Gordon handing a Joker playing card to the Bat, teasing Joker’s debut in the next film, so maybe The Batman will feature a similar tag that tees up Two-Face’s arrival. Dent’s storyline would definitely gel with the dark and gritty tone of the Reevesverse, so it’s possible that we could be about to get a new definitive portrayal of the disfigured District Attorney.