The Batman Rumored To Begin Filming In Summer 2018


Despite all the back and forth that’s occurred lately when it comes to The Batman, the fact of the matter is that we all want to see the movie come to fruition and tell the best story possible. Really, I hope to see as many films featuring the character as I can during my lifetime because there’s just so much source material to cull from (the Caped Crusader celebrates his 80th anniversary in 2019, mind you).

So, now that director Matt Reeves has War for the Planet of the Apes behind him, one can only assume that he’ll plunge headlong into making the Dark Knight’s next big screen outing. And according to Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez, things should start heating up in about a year:

“If everything falls into place, The Batman should go into production in the summer of 2018,” he said recently.

Yes, that does sound a bit far off, but there’s a very real possibility that Reeves may want to take a breather in between making two films of such grand scale. Once he feels recharged though, he should be able to put all he’s got into what’ll hopefully be a dynamite screenplay, especially since Warner Bros. have yet to set a release date.

If we’re to go by this hypothetical timeline, Reeves and company should be ready to roll cameras by next summer just as Gonzalez got wind of, also aligning with earlier reports that a 2019 release could be in the cards. Plus, it would coincide with that 80th anniversary that we spoke of earlier.

Still, the studio has a lot to think about with 2019 already being packed with potential blockbusters – and not just other DC movies like Shazam and Wonder Woman 2. With Suicide Squad 2 also possibly dropping that year, WB will certainly want to give The Batman the breathing room it needs to thrive.

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