The Batman Rumored To Be Outside DCEU Continuity, Affleck May Get Last Hurrah Beforehand


Being able to lay claim to having seen every live action film starring the Caped Crusader in theaters since 1989, I can personally attest to how the road to each is met with a certain excitement whenever any sliver of news comes down the grapevine. And while the current journey toward The Batman isn’t nearly as tumultuous as the one that separated Batman & Robin from Batman Begins, it’s been fraught with much confusion.

Don’t get me wrong, the end result will likely be glorious, but none of us know what to expect until director Matt Reeves starts laying his cards on the table. On the plus side, we do know that he’s begun outlining the story he wants to tell, so there’s that.

Still, many of us expect him not to worry about tying into the DC Extended Universe as a whole, and instead just tell the best Batman tale he can, drag of continuity be damned. As such, talk that he’s recasting the role of the Dark Knight has reached critical mass and I, for one, really think an actor other than Ben Affleck will headline Reeves’ movie.

Speaking of which, the latest chatter comes to us by way of Batman-on-Film. As usual, we advise you to take such things with a grain of salt, but it should be noted how they’ve been scary accurate in recent memory.

According to BOF’s source, Reeves will indeed be ignoring every DC flick orbiting his. Not only that, but The Batman may even be released under the as-yet-untitled banner Warner Bros. are developing for standalone DC movies. To be quite honest, this aligns with recent news that the studio will be more hands off with films of this ilk, not to mention longstanding talk that Reeves has been given carte blanche.

Regardless, there’s a very small chance that Affleck will be given a “last hurrah” of sorts in either Suicide Squad 2 or Flashpoint. If you were to ask me, it’ll come in Suicide Squad 2 because not only does BOF expect for Flashpoint to never see the light of day, but any movie featuring Task Force X is a natural fit for the Masked Manhunter – especially since so many of his villains are putting in appearances.

No matter how you slice it, the next few years are going to be exciting for us geeks. My only hope is that if The Batman does have any sort of overlap with another DC movie, it be Nightwing for obvious reasons.