The Batman Director Turns In Status Report, Says He Has The Story “Worked Out”


For all of the uncertainty that has threatened to engulf The Batman, writer-director Matt Reeves is still toiling away at the film’s screenplay.

Indeed, the War For the Planet of the Apes filmmaker has seemingly gained Nolan-era control over the Caped Crusader’s next solo outing, leading many to believe that recasting Ben Affleck will become the director’s first port of call. Still no sign of that alleged switcheroo just yet, and that’s despite Jake Gyllenhaal and Mad Men alum Jon Hamm coming into contention for the coveted superhero gig.

However that may be, Matt Reeves has now turned in a brief status report regarding The Batman‘s screenplay. Appearing on The Q&A Podcast with Jeff Goldsmith (via Heroic Hollywood), he said the following:

…I am outlining; I have the story worked out and I am outlining.

Not exactly one to stop the presses, is it? Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to hear that Matt Reeves ostensibly has the story locked down. Before the Internet was gripped by casting rumors, a number of reports suggested that The Batman would feature Arkham Asylum in some capacity, though Deathstroke’s status as the core antagonist has seemingly been brought into question.

Joe Manganiello’s hardened mercenary made his debut at the tail-end of Justice League, though it’s looking increasingly likely that JL will be remembered as Batfleck’s last hurrah. Reeves allegedly doesn’t want him, and Ben Affleck has been casting doubt on his future in the DC Extended Universe – or lack thereof – for what feels like far too long.

All of this led to Jake Gyllenhaal being tipped for The Batman, though Warner Bros. isn’t all that keen on the Oscar favorite, who silenced the naysayers with his tour-de-force performance in Stronger. Perhaps that’ll open up an avenue for Jon Hamm to, ahem, swoop in and steal the prize? Time will tell.

Slowly but surely, The Batman is beginning to fall into place, and we’ll be keeping you right up-to-date on all the latest developments as they emerge.