The Batman Set Pics May Reveal First Look At Robert Pattinson


With production now well underway for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, set photos are beginning to hit the web at an alarming rate, giving fans an early glimpse of the Cloverfield director’s vision for Gotham City and its inhabitants.

We’ve known for some time now that the upcoming blockbuster will take inspiration from Batman: The Animated Series, which ran from 1992 to 1995, and so far, what we’ve seen of the film seems to back that up. Just a few weeks ago, for example, we got a photo showing off a huge cathedral set surrounded by a bunch of retro-looking blimps. Following that, the other day brought us some pics featuring vehicles that look like they drove straight out of the ‘90s. But what of the characters themselves?

Well, glimpses at Batman, Catwoman, the Riddler and the rest of the colorful cast of heroes and villains haven’t surfaced just yet, but that may’ve changed earlier today. You see, a few set photos were snapped and shared on Twitter that appear to reveal our very first look at Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. The user who shared them notes that they can’t confirm 100% whether it’s the actor, but it certainly appears to be him.

Of course, with a property as important as this one, it’s understandable why WB is being so secretive about the project and keeping their cards close to their chest, not really revealing very much about The Batman in the lead-up to its production start. As such, we don’t imagine we’ll be getting any official images in the near future, meaning these sneaky set photos will have to do.

And if Pattinson is now shooting scenes, that can only mean that many of his co-stars will start to appear on set as well in the coming weeks. So, expect some early, unofficial looks at the rest of the gang to surface throughout the month.

For now, though, The Batman is certainly shaping up to be the most exciting comic book movie on the studio’s upcoming DCEU slate and once more pics begin to hit the web, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Twitter