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The Batman Starts Shooting This Spring According To Joe Manganiello

Although Justice League will arrive in cinemas before long (November 17, 2017), many of us are anxiously awaiting Ben Affleck's first solo outing as The Dark Knight in The Batman.

Although Justice League will arrive in cinemas before long (November 17, 2017), many of us are anxiously awaiting Ben Affleck’s first solo outing as The Dark Knight in The Batman.

With Affleck set to star, direct, and co-write the film with DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns, one has to wonder how soon this ambitious project will arrive. After all, key members of the cast have already been rounded up in the form of Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth), J.K. Simmons (Commissioner Jim Gordon), and Joe Manganiello (Slade Wilson/Deathstroke). Not only that, but we can’t ignore the possibility of Jared Leto (The Joker) or Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) joining the party as well.

The folks at Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Manganiello at Mohegan Sun’s 20th anniversary party and casually asked him how he’s doing. The most interesting thing he had to say was the following:

“Great, man, just getting ready to go shoot Batman in the spring.”

We can’t help but notice that’s consistent with a recent statement made by Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes:

“Ben announced a Batman movie [that] he’s going to direct, star, write for – I think it’s a year and a half out. So, the strategy worked.”

Compound that with Manganiello seemingly endorsing Anna Kendrick to play Robin, and it really looks like the gears are starting to turn. If indeed the stars properly align and each character is well utilized, this film could be a diehard Batman fan’s dream come true.

Given these developments, one can only surmise that The Batman will arrive in theaters sometime in 2018 after all.

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