Batman V Superman Concept Art Takes Us Inside Of Bruce Wayne’s Nightmare


Even though I’m someone who did enjoy Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – more specifically the Ultimate Edition containing 30 minutes of additional footage that filled in some serious storytelling gaps – I’m willing to admit that neither version was 100% perfect.

One particular scene that I didn’t entirely care for was that of Bruce Wayne’s nightmare. And when I say that, I’m not talking about the Knightmare scenario that was one of the film’s highlights, but rather, the Caped Crusader’s nocturnal journey to his parents’ crypt that saw him get attacked by a giant bat creature.

Yes, the beast was a cool effect, I’ll give you that, but it did nothing to service the narrative. In my view, that scene was something which should’ve been left on the cutting room floor to make room for, say, anything that expanded upon Superman and Lois’ trip to Africa, but I don’t possess the infallible wisdom of a studio executive.

Gripes aside, the time for us to marvel at some beautiful concept art making its rounds over on Reddit has arrived. Seen below, it shows us Bruce being confronted by the aforementioned abomination, only this time he’s getting slathered by much unwanted saliva.

Right now, this may be the closest thing we’ll get to Man-Bat appearing on the big screen, but none can be too sure of which filmmakers will want to adapt Kirk Langstrom in the future. In fact, he would’ve arrived years ago had Batman: DarKnight been given the green light during the time separating Batman & Robin and Batman Begins. Believe it or not, Terence Stamp was rumored for the role, but we’ll never know how that would’ve turned out.

Still, if you’re someone whose opinion differs from mine and really dug the bat creature found in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, know that an action figure immortalizing it was produced. These days, a convention or online retailer are likely your best bets for finding one, so keep your eyes open if that should interest you.